A little word about me

I live in Longueuil (Quebec, Canada). Right on the other side of the Saint-Lawrence river is Montreal, the city I work in and where I do most of my street photography.

Whenever I get a chance, I go for a walk with a camera in my pocket or around my neck. I walk and I look. Then, if I see something interesting, I grab a snap of it and bring it back here for you to see.

This site is entirely dedicated to those fleeting moments worth sharing.

I hope you enjoy the watching as much as I enjoy the shooting... Have a nice visit and do not hesitate to drop me a note should you feel like it:.

info [at] jpcote [dot] com

Claims to fame

One of my pics was voted "noteworthy" on PhotoFriday for the "Imperfection" weekly challenge.

I contributed to Bending Light Magazine for its 2nd issue entitled "Angst".

Heavy Traffic won the bi-weekly Salon of the Street Photography forum. The theme was "Playing with the big boys".


The photographs on this site have been taken with one of the following cameras:

These days I exclusively shoot digital with the Canon 300D or the Fuji F10. I still own the Yashica and Olympus - which are great cameras - but the flexibility of digital is easy to get used to...

Self-portrait 1 Self-portrait 2